If you can wear it, we can print on it

We can put your design on just about any textile, not just t-shirts. From t shirts, and hoodies to jackets and button up work shirts, to aprons, windbreakers, jerseys, and pants. Our suppliers offer an extensive selection of styles, colors, and materials, and our staff will work with you to select the exact product to fulfill your needs.

...And even some things you can't

Such as cups, keychains, plaques, glassware, ceramics and plastics. We have a wide selection of vendor-supplied items to choose from. We are always willing to help brainstorm a unique idea you have as well. 

Perfecting Our Craft

Using an age old tradition of pressing ink through a woven mesh, our 37 years of experience gives us an innate ability to help produce your printing needs in a fast and thorough manner. From 1 color designs , to 6 color simulated process projects, we are ready and willing to take on any challenge you may have.